Professional Part 107 UAS Pilots
DE Business Software Ver 2.10 
National Rollout SPECIAL OFFER

YOU will enjoy a VERY special Version 2.10 Deal at 52% Off  

  Making your monthly 
Subscription Only 

$47 instead of $97 


Ladies and Gents - you have been invited to be part of a special group
of Only 100 Early Adopters

and you will Enjoy Very Special Pricing of only $47/month and
You are Eligible for FREE Forever.

The Next Release...

DroneEutopia Ver 2.11
will Increase to $97/mo  


However as One of the First 100
Version 2.10 Early Adopters,
Your Rate will be Grandfathered in Forever

We recently had three introductory webinars where the features and power of DroneEutopia were discussed.


When we asked the attendees what SCORE they would give DroneEutopia (DE for short)

  Out of a possible 100, we were given 100 - which put VERY Large Smiles on our Faces. 

When we asked the question: 

What are you typically willing to pay someone to be your administrative assistant per hour?


Answers ranged from $12/hr to $20/hr


  To put things in perspective...  


Here's YOUR chance to get the
Solo Pilot Version 2.10 of DroneEutopia,
For the Equivalent of Paying Someone
Three or Four HOURS & They may LEAVE.

Except DroneEutopia is WAY better than ANY assistant you could ever hire...   and you get DroneEutopia for the ENTIRE MONTH for only $47 !!  

Thanks to our GREAT Professional Part 107 UAS BETA-Testers!

DroneEutopia reached our "Mass Marketing Tipping Point"


We are so Pleased to Have

Created the Very Best Personal

Assistant You Could Ever Have!

What Fun!

Watch what happens when someone steps up to Lead

Becoming a Leader Angle 1

Becoming a Leader Angle 2


So we started out as the Dancing Guy and now we have our Momentum! Thanks!

Why is DroneEutopia Good for you?

  • 1

    Your current way of keeping records is a HOT MESS, compared to DroneEutopia...

    Your work is spread all over the place...
    Paper, Post-It notes, Spreadsheets, Emails, On one computer, or maybe on the other computer.

    Your Contacts are in your Computer or "maybe" your Phone, in your email, in your Word Processor, in your Google Docs, maybe in folders or maybe laying on your computer's desktop or your physical desktop - face it - it's a complete nightmare and it's LIMITING you.

  • 2

    You're constantly entering the EXACT SAME INFORMATION, all over the place...

    It's a disaster just waiting to happen and you know it.
     Instead of putting INFO in ONCE - into DroneEutopia and using it EVERYWHERE..

    YOU have to input it many times, many places and hope you spell it correctly every time and hope you don't clone a document only to find out after you sent it that some other client's info was still in the middle of what you sent. This just can't happen in DroneEutopia!

  • 3

    You're always ON THE HUNT... where exactly is the info that I'm looking for... ???

    That's right... you know it and we know it too... because your Peers keep telling us -- IT'S A PROBLEM!!

    How are you going to grow when you are constantly disorganized - just have to ask ya!?!

  • 4

    2+2=4   OK, that was easy, but...

    When you have your typical "Copy and Paste Fest", things get left off.
    When the Client wants something else, you have to go both backward and forward - to get your Line Item Charges synchronized in the spreadsheets, multiple documents, in emails. And every time you open yourself for the embarrassing conversation, "Gee Client, it seems I made a math error, and forgot an entire service I delivered to you to get this job done."
    Seriously, is that ANY WAY to run a business?  Again, this can't happen in DroneEutopia.

    DroneEutopia has a wonderful line item calculator, so if you want to give someone a special deal, you can zap them a 16% discount and the instant you click "-16%" your math is PERFECT everywhere it needs to be... which BTW, is EVERYWHERE it belongs!

About DroneEutopia

DroneEutopia was designed by Part 107 Certified Commercial Drone Pilots, Extremely Experienced Computer System Analysts, Programmers and Designers.

Not only is DroneEutopia designed for the Professional, it is designed to make your BUSINESS far more PROFITABLE and far EASIER to grow and conduct daily.


Input once, use Everywhere!


DroneEutopia is the Centerpiece of two additional components!

Reputation Marketing -- to show the world how good you are!

Sales and Marketing Funnels , finds LEADS, never loses them.

We call this our DroneTrifecta Bundle!

YES, you instantly become a real Businessperson!


No Worries... We have you covered!

We are International Experts... And our Base of Part 107 Commercial Operators - are the BEST...


We are Experts,
working with Experts


Via Webinars
and Video Training


Email, Chat, Skype, Zoom and Phone



;-)    almost everyone else does!

There you are with your Cloud DEPENDENT App. Big buildings in the way, on the fringe of the city, and WAY out in the Boon Docks... 


You're TOAST... but not with DroneEutopia because we KNEW you'd be in those situations, where you'll be eaten alive on your Data Plan (NEEDLESSLY)... but with DroneEutopia, you are running at full prop speed, all the time.

There IS NO SLOWDOWN WHATSOEVER with DroneEutopia.


It was an early DESIGN decision, so you can even operate YOUR BUSINESS at speed, no matter where you are... on a boat five miles offshore... FULL SPEED, in the Amazon Jungle... FULL SPEED... boys and girls - that's forethought for YOU... !!



To give you the best of both worlds!

Oh... the amazing ADDITIONAL things we do when there is a Cell or Internet connection! 


The big difference is -- we DON'T, WON'T and will NEVER STOP your ability to run your business at the highest level of ease and efficiency - no matter where you might be - filming where you HAVE to be...


Just because you have a One or Two Bar Cell connection... 

and/or no Internet available -- Ag Pilots, Tower Inspectors,
Bridge and New Construction in the Boon Docks jobs - all good.


All perfectly fine with DroneEutopia!

So we know it will be perfectly fine for YOU!


HEY... You want to be in one of these slots below... We're waiting to make you famous!!

John Smith

Realty Expert

Saving this spot for YOU...

Want to be FAMOUS? OK, we want you to be famous too!  You can "steal" authority when we place you on our materials... all of a sudden YOU become a Celebrity!

Helen Weaver

3D Model Builder

More Exposure!!

Not just on your Camera Settings!
Yes, you are a person, Yes, you are in BUSINESS and Yes, the MORE you are Visible, the greater you become... Cool !!

Paul Willis

Hollywood Dude

LOVES making Music Videos

My passion is the art form of doing what no conventional Crane Shot can do...

My clients love the range of motion my Drone gives them... they call me back!

Aaron Lewis

Farm and Ranch Expert

I LOVE Crops and Animals...

My special sensors give Smart Farmers & Ranchers the information they need to save or improve the yield of their fields... making MY services FREE to them!

Diane Mason

CEO (feature not released yet)

The Enterprise Version...

WOW, what can I say?!? DroneEutopia's Enterprise version let's me take jobs all over the country and hire local talent, coordinate and do amazing work!

Jason Johnson

First Responder Coordinator

In the HEAT of Crisis...

DroneEutopia is an INSTANT organizer!

With a Fire, Industrial Spill, Flood or Avalanche, people get WAY FRAZZLED! DroneEutopia is my unflappable friend!

Is DroneEutopia Right for You?

OK, let's figure that out right now!

Do you love flying your Drone?

Do you want to use your Part 107 Commercially?

Would you consider getting a Part 107 certificate -- to turn the hobby you LOVE into a business?
Do you FEEL your business skills are inadequate and you might mess up your new Business?


  • You answered YES to any of the above...

  • You've never had a business before.

  • You want out of your J.O.B. 

  • You're SICK of the way you handle Paperwork...


  • Hobby Flier - that doesn't want a business.

  • You're FINE - working 20x harder than needed

  • Low ambition - a job every other month is OK

  • YOU are a Total Glutton for Self Punishment.


So you give DroneEutopia Version 2.10 a spin and feel the 52% Discount that will continue to apply to each Solo Pilot Version price increase, in the years to come, as you build a fabulous business without DroneEutopia helping you, doing it the clumsy, tough, sloppy, slow, mistake laden and inefficient way... is a far better time and money spent -- than $47/month.     ;-)


No problem, simply ask and ye shall receive a full unconditional refund !!

Bonus Section. You'll get BUSINESS coaching!

We have come to realize that you may be great technically, but may not know very much about being a business person.

So, you'll be invited to attend DroneEutopia Webinars on a regular basis and LEARN what you might not know that well yet!

You'll learn an exit strategy from your J.O.B. if you want...

And if you want to keep your JOB, how to best arrange your time so that you can run your Part-Time Drone Business as absolutely efficiently -- as humanly possible.

You'll learn about Professional Selling Skills and NLP...

Nothing makes a business take off better than learning how to close a deal with confidence and with PROFIT baked into the deal. Unfortunately, MOST individuals have NO IDEA how to educate the client to work with YOU instead of the low-baller that is so desperate for a job, that he or she will offer to do that exact same job for 1/3 of what should be charged - stealing it away from YOU.


If you do NOT have strategies, specific trainings and skills to handle this nasty situation... you will soon !!

Done For YOU... !!!!!!

What you don't know how to do, might fill a book and cost you THOUSANDS to create from scratch!

So DroneEutopia has built into our design -- a way of getting you wonderful sample documents, like Introductions, Proposals, Quotes, Client Education, Invoices, Contracts, Collection Emails that don't sound mean, but mean business, how to get Referrals, how and when to get Testimonials, it goes on and on and on..

It's all Good! 
And YOU can have DroneEutopia FREE Forever

When the Countdown hits zero, we close the Version 2.10 Offer and Intensely Begin Validating DroneEutopia en'masse!


  If you have any difficulties entering your CC information,
it could be Chrome or other Browser Auto-Fill - Just enter the info the old fashioned way!  

FREE (well almost)


one time

  • Occasional Interesting email 

  • Occasional Offers

  • Occasional Fantastic Footage

Ver 2.10 Group of 100


per month --  not $97

  • Training and Coaching

  • Group Webinar Brainstorming

  • Cutting Edge Goodness



per month

  • Reputation Marketing

  • Sales/Marketing Funnel

  • Additional Training


Additional Information you might be curious about.

How can I get DroneEutopia FREE Forever?

Can I upload my Contacts and how Difficult is it to get my Contacts into DroneEutopia?

Tell me how much do I have to pay to upload a template ?

Absolutely Not... DroneEutopia allows you to save your own Templates and Clone your work for reuse - throughout the entire design. If you already did something similar, by all means you can use that as a starting point!

Does my 52% discount apply to all DE offers?

Is the Reputation Marketing and Funnels included in this program?

Does DroneEutopia run on Android and Windows?

No, but DroneEutopia will run on iPads manufactured within the last 5 years, running IOS 11.0 through current. On iPads the Free Filemaker GO 16 or 17 is required. On Windows and Mac computers the purchase of Filemaker Pro would be a requirement.


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